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PYL Book Club: March Bonus: The Business of Lovers

I heard about The Business of Lovers by Eric Jerome Dickey on Clubhouse in one of the book club rooms. They were talking about the Vanishing Half which I enjoyed and I couldn’t resist the recommendation.

This was definitely different from most of the books that I read. As one of the gals in the Clubhouse room pointed out, this book is written by a Black man about the Black men and their experience but it wasn’t a book about race. I want to read more books like this.

The first time I read the book, I struggled to get into it. As usual I skipped to the last few chapters, finished the book and then decided to start over. I must have been in a strange and distracted headspace when I started it the first time because I honestly could not figure out why I didn’t get into it from the start.

I really enjoyed it and think it would make a great movie or Netflix series. I thought the characters were fascinating and developed well throughout the book.

There are some graphic sex scenes (bonus!). Necessary? I haven’t decided but I definitely enjoyed them.

Despite the tidy ending, I really liked most of the characters in the book and wanted them to succeed. I was even cheering on the most flawed characters and appreciated how the author set me up to want them to succeed. Many of us are not 100% good or evil; we are simply human. The author clearly understands this.

If you are interested in chatting about it on Discord, join the text channel here. Or we can chat about it in the Piloting Your Life Facebook group.

Remember to buy local and support women owned bookstores.

  1. Who was the primary character in the book? Are you able to pick only one?
  2. What did you think of how the author revealed the details of each character as the story unfolded?
  3. Did your opinion of any of the characters change as more details were revealed?
  4. Did you think it was believable that the brothers were able to be loving, compassionate and caring given the father figure in their lives?
  5. Should Brick have resisted being brought into the Vegas situation with Mocha Latte or was it inevitable that he become a part of it? Did he make the right decision?
  6. Could the book have been based anywhere else besides LA?
  7. Did you have a favorite brother? Why?
  8. What about the women? Did you have a favorite? Why?
  9. What did you think of the ending? Did you think it was too tidy? Was it believable?
  10. What role did food play in the book? Did this represent anything beyond providing situational details? Did you want pancakes as you were reading the book? (I did!)
  11. Were the detailed sex scenes necessary? Did the scenes make you question the seriousness of the book? Were they like the other details (food, clothing, appearances) in the book and consistent with the way that the author seemed to perefer to set the scenes?
  12. Would you read other books by this author?

Any questions I should add? Send me an email at pilotingyourlife@gmail.com or drop it into the comments.

Happy reading!

Piloting Your Life author Terri Hanson Mead started the PYL book club in September 2020 to provide a place to learn and talk about new books. Read more about the book club here.

Piloting Your Life is Terri’s debut book, ‘an inspiring, well-researched beach read’ inspiring women to design and live a life of their own creation’. Available in paperback, ebook, and audiobook on Amazon and other online retail outlets.

Terri is exploring more about her midlife (and being a tiara wearing, champagne drinking troublemaker) on her YouTube channel. New episodes every Tuesday and Saturday.

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