SVOD Technology Investment Conference (May 2017)

Thanks again to my buddy Stu Soffer for encouraging me to attend a conference (closer to home). This time it was SVOD at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View in May 2017. I attended as an investor and was really impressed by the founders I had the pleasure of meeting.

The night before the two-day conference I attended a reception and Stu brought to me most, if not all, of the female founders attending the event as well as those in the digital health space. I was able to make some introductions and am keeping in touch with several of them as they make decisions on global expansion. Several were from Israel including MyMilk focused on providing mothers with nutritional analysis of their breast milk.

On day one of the conference, founders pitched their companies and we investors had the opportunity to ask questions and later connect. A few were standouts for me including Splacer and Conversation.One both of whom had female founders presenting.

I talked with a number of other founders and bumped into a few I was already familiar with including Sara McDevitt of CoreWellness. Sara had pitched at a Sand Hill Angels RAW event and showed us a prototype of Core’s meditation aid and application to boost the effectivity, and provide insights, for a person’s meditation habit. Here’s a picture from their website. I am looking forward to being part of the beta program very soon. They are part of Bolt which is always a good sign.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Carmen Palafox from Make in LA, an early stage hardware accelerator in Southern California. It is always great to connect with other women making a difference in the hardware start up world.

I met a few other women attempting to do big things in the start up world, especially in support of female founders, and I very much look forward to collaborating with and/or supporting them as they continue to shake things up. More to come on that in the near future.

In the meantime, Stu is attempting to get me to DLD Digital Conference in Tel Aviv in September and we are both considering going back to Slush in Helsinki this winter. More to come on both in the near future.