Introducing…Terrible Hockey Cast

By Steven G.

Terrible Hockey Cast doing terrible things.

We’ve been a podcast for what will be our 27th episode on Friday. That’s a staggering number for us considering how genuinely inept we are at this whole podcast/media thing. 27 isn’t even an accurate number of times we’ve attempted recording a proper show. We have a few aborted attempts that I will someday post as a kind of Podcast Suicide Letter when we finally throw in the booze soaked towel. But, for now, we soldier on for the love of hockey, beer, and Burger Street (best burg in town) and for the few listeners who can endure the hour-plus it takes for us to get though the week’s news.

As I mentioned before, we suck. We’re especially terrible at exposition. Since the three of us (Shawn, Chris and me) are pretty close friends who converse regularly throughout the week, we often use terms that are very “inside”. We apologize for this and I can only offer the excuse of, “We’re idiots.” This is where this post comes in. I have taken the time to go back and listen to all of our episodes and compile a list of our most used schtick.

Me listening back to THC and feeling that pang of regret
  • Buzzo, Buzz, Ruzz, Slender Man: These are all terms of endearment for our (very) occasional guest Russ. He loves the New York Islanders but he loves Magic the Gathering so much more.
  • PCD, Be a GM, former Chiefs Great: Whenever you hear these terms being thrown out it means we are deep in the throes of discussing Electronic Art’s latest entry in the NHL game series. I would suggest you tune out or skip ahead 15 seconds because we are most likely whining.
  • Penalty Shot: In order to curb some of the godawful mistakes that we make, we decided to dole out punishment for each mistake caught. The punishment was to take a shot of whatever alcohol is on hand after a delightful sounder is played. This has since backfired and now several instances of alleged self sabotage have taken place.
  • Bruce “Big Baby” Boudreau, Rick “Baby Huey” Nash: Bruce Boudreau is (was?????????) the Head Coach of the Anaheim Ducks and Rick Nash is the star Left Winger from the New York Rangers. The mention of either of these two cherubic figures will subsequently result in some diaper talk. Yeah.
  • Bagel Report, DD, Yoga Girl: These will all allude to the life of our favorite New York City correspondent David. His stories of being a young sexy New York professional keeps us country rubes dreaming of eating bagels with Ross and Rachel while wearing a faded black Yankees ball cap.
  • Chin, Chon, Chan: What once started as a mistake in pronouncing Shawn’s name quickly devolved into a linguistic butchering. If we say either one of these, it means we are talking to the official Dad of the podcast, Shawn.
Only a fraction of the THC Oyo collection
  • Oyos: While these are things that exist, I am under the impression that no one knows what the hell we are talking about. Oyos are Lego “compteitors?” They can’t honestly be trying to get in on the Lego game. I mean, come on. Amirite? Well, they are the official fake Lego of the NHL and we have purchased a ton of em for no real good reason.

We will keep adding more to the list as we create and discover new ways of making things confusing for the you, the loyal listener.

Thanks @Elite_Sheezy