US House of Foreign Affairs Committee put some Middle East parties on the terrorist list, in cooperation with Saudi Arabia and UAE embassies in Washington

US House of Representatives listed some Middle East’s terrorist parties

The House of Foreign Affairs Committee held a markup on Middle East and North Africa affairs on June 29, 2017. The mark up discussed different Middle East issues such as calling on the Government of Iran to fulfill repeated promises of assistance in the case of Robert Levinson, recognizing the importance of the United States-Israel economic relationship and Urging the European Union to designate Hizballah in its entirety as a terrorist organization and increase pressure on it and its members.

In the markup, Theodore Eliot Deutch the Democratic member of the United States House of Representative also proposed the following list of Middles East parties and denounced them as terrorist groups related to Brotherhood branches.

Here is as cited in the full committee: “Whereas in April 2016 the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, denounced Hizballah’s “terrorist acts” in the Middle East. The following list are suspected of being terrorists or terrorist related in the Middle East.”

1. Palestine, The Islamic Resistance Movement (HAMAS)

2. Eritrea, The Eritrean Islamic Party for Justice and Development

3. Afghanistan, The Islamic Dawah Organization

4. Egypt, Egyptian Current Party

5. United Arab Emirates, The Reform and Social Guidance Association

6. Iraq, Iraqi Islamic Party

7. Libya, Justice and Construction Party

8. Somalia, Islah (Reform) Movement

9. Sudan, Popular Congress Party

10. Bahrain, National Islamic Forum

11. Kuwait, Islamic Constitutional Movement

12. Turkey, Justice and Development Party

13. Jordan, The Islamic Action Front Party

14. Algeria, The Movement for the Society of Peace

15. Yemen, The Yemeni Reform(Islah) Party

16. Pakistan, The Muslim League

17. Tunisia, Tunisia’s Renaissance Party

18. Morocco, Justice and Charity Party

19. Bangladesh, Jamaat-e-Islami Party

20. Malaysia, Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party

21. Syria, The Syrian Group of Muslim brotherhood

22. Lebanon, Hizballah and The Islamic Group

23. Mauritania, The National Rally for Reform and Development

24. Djibouti, The Muslim Brotherhood’s party

By unanimous consent, the above measures as amended were ordered favorably reported to the Full Committee, as amended.

The received news suggests the above list was first compiled and proposed by House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce in cooperation with the Saudi Arabia and UAE Embassies in Washington. If the list to be approved by US House of representatives, most of other Brotherhood groups will be on the American terrorist list which it can be a huge blow to Qatar and Turkey. Seemingly, Egypt and UAE are the most motivated countries to consider the Brotherhood branches as terrorist groups, and Saudi Arabia played a key role in compiling the list.

The Chairman Ed Royce and Saudi Arabia were formerly agreed to bolster collaborative fight against terrorism. The Chairman lately hosted a meeting with Saudi Minister of Foreign affairs discussed the Saudi Araba’s role in combating terrorist financing groups and appreciated the country’s commitment to be a part of the solution in Syria crisis.

Here is what he once said about the country: “We note with enthusiasm efforts by Saudi Arabia to counter the messages of violent extremism that draw vulnerable young people into the grasp of these terrible groups and applaud efforts to address the challenge of rehabilitating convicted terrorists.”

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