Teslascope, a worldwide platform for Tesla owners, fans, and more.

Tyler Corsair
Jul 23, 2019 · 3 min read

Tesla has made its impact on the world, pioneering emerging technologies focused around safety, comfort, and innovation. The company pushes the vision of a sustainable future and lifestyle forward around the globe.

As a Tesla owner and fan of the company for many years, I wanted to create a platform that elegantly keeps track of drives and charging sessions, allows me to set climate controls, and even share selective metrics with others. I enjoy using it every day.

What is Teslascope?

Teslascope offers a ludicrous collection of tools for enhancing your experience as a Tesla vehicle owner, in addition to providing a selection of publicly accessible metrics and statistics and a knowledge base for everyone. ✨

I’ve designed and developed the platform from the ground up to be focused on offering the best possible experience for vehicle owners, whether brand new to the Tesla community or a household full of support. Over the last month, I’ve worked closely with a handful of alpha testers while implementing features such as a dark mode, multiple vehicle support, easy to understand sleep modes, and leaderboards. I’m excited to welcome the entirety of the worldwide Tesla community for our Open Beta and continue to receive feedback to craft the service for all of you.

Tell us more.

My vision for Teslascope is to craft a platform that every everyone can love, whether if you’re a Tesla vehicle owner, fan, analyst, or simply a grandma interested in transitioning to solar vehicles. Driving a Tesla has absolutely transformed my experience driving, and for me, there’s no going back.

Adding your vehicle to the Teslascope fleet will give you access to your vehicle’s location, basic controls such as flashing the lights & honking the horn, controlling your vehicle’s climate settings, and even enable Sentry Mode while sitting at your desk. Set your vehicle to “public” to share its unique page with friends and family, or to participate in our various Leaderboards.

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Tracking your daily drives and road-trips, monitoring your vehicle’s charge sessions (whether at home, at destination chargers, or Supercharging), effortlessly managing multiple vehicles, and sleep mode can enhance your experience further through a premium membership, which helps ensure I can continue to focus my time towards the platform for everyone to enjoy.

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During our Open Beta, all new members will receive a one month trial of the premium features, which will return to fourteen days after it has concluded.

Discounted memberships will be available to veterans, specific members of the press, influencers, and content creators in the near future. Inquire for more information at help@teslascope.com! 👍

How can I provide feedback?

First, thank you for your time and contributions! For now, simply leave a comment in this thread, or discuss the platform via the #tesla-apps channel on the Tesla Motors Subreddit’s Discord Server. I will always try to respond to all questions, thoughts, and concerns brought up.

How can I contact you?

You can reach me by email at tyler@teslascope.com, on Discord via Corsair#1337, on Twitter (either on @Teslascope or @tylercorsair), or send me a PM here!

Closing Words

This project means a lot to me and I plan to dedicate my time towards it, releasing new features and implementations over time, and build it for the Tesla community to enjoy. I’m thankful for the incredible support and feedback I’ve received from fellow Redditors and alpha testers this last month, and I look forward to speaking with many more of you.



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