Common Reasons for Failure

It’s not always about privilege


I am a complete failure in just about everything I have ever done. I was a terrible disappointment to all sorts of people. Fortunately, resilience got me through. It’s not the end of the world to fail. One just picks oneself up again. Own photo.

Lately, I’ve read the most absurd remarks — all related to not having freedom of choice about where one was born or who one was born to. I think too many failures are being laid at the door of insufficient privilege. So I thought I’d come up with reasons — unrelated to privilege — which often result in failure.

The most obvious one is lack of ability

Lack of ability

Generally a lack of ability to achieve something is not just one single ability. Achievemnt often requires a number of skills working together. For instance, if one wants to be a singer, one would need an ear for music, a good voice, some stage personality, sufficient persistence to keep going, a stylish sense of dress or some sort of appeal, and so forth.

Regardless of the drivel one is told that anyone can achieve anything, it’s simply not true. If one doesn’t have what it takes, one isn’t going to achieve it.

Lack of perseverance and resilience

It can be a long and hard journey to get somewhere. Tina Turner springs to mind. When all the big deals in the music business told her she was done, she kept singing at every small gig she could. Eventually, she struck it lucky. To keep going when…



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