From an Atheist: Was My Spirituality Wrong?

I spent decades searching for answers, and I thought I had the right answers.


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This is not going to be an easy post to write — probably one of the most difficult, opening up to you about things I seldom speak about, and probably scared of humiliation, judgement, being told I’m mentally ill, or that I’m a liar. The list is endless when one mentions things that happen to you for which there is no evidence. Yet, I think it’s important to this story, and so I will tell them.

Firstly, I’m going to start with the comments made to me by doctors, neurologists, and those who used EEG and tested me for many long hours to discover why I wasn’t achieving. Then I’m going to tell you what the mystics, the mediums, and the shamans told me. Then I’m going to share some of my unworldly experiences with you. And lastly I’m going to tell you what conclusions I reached, and why I reached them.

What the doctors said about my brain

  • You have a very quiet brain
  • Your have whole brain activity
  • Your brain has well-developed structures. They formed during early childhood.
  • Your brain moves from alpha, through beta, into theta, and then delta at a very fast speed. I would…



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