How High Tech Luxury Minimalism Can Assist with Climate Change

Perhaps, we can all do with less — without it hurting that much!


If we’re going to survive, we’re going to have to rethink many things. Public domain

While the general public (and politicians) appear to have come late to the burning hell of climate change, those ahead of the curve know that the time to combat climate change is now in the past. It is here, and it is here to stay. Now begins the age of climate change adaptation. Whether we succeed or not will depend entirely on humanity being willing to live with less.

Why we need to live with less

The consumer society has put an immense burden onto leadership and politicians. They demand action action on fixing up climate change, unaware that they are asking for god-like capacity from mere humans.

NASA noted at one point that even if the use of all fossil fuel stopped tomorrow, then it would still take 1000 years for the pre-industrial climate to be restored.

The issue is one of great complexity — the earth is not a simple organism. It has layer upon layer of complex systems, each interacting with the other, and we, as stupid as Einstein said we were, have proceeded to thoroughly mess it up. Fixing up those systems, and we are now only barely touching the edges of it in discovered knowledge, is beyond our…



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Complexity is never easy to explain, and far too many stick to black and white, and forget about the colors and the greys.