How to Get Traffic from Google

It’s an old-fashioned skill, but it’s worth learning.


When your readers google you, they should be able to find you. Pixabay

I started writing on the web to earn a living in 1999. Through the years, I’ve written for many content sites. I’ve seen them come, and I’ve seen them go. I’ve learnt the hard way that writers constantly need to adapt and to upgrade their skills.

On Medium, it has not been necessary to draw traffic from Google, yet I’ve seen a recent increase in my traffic (from various search engines), and, therefore, I think that our articles might be indexed more frequently than they were previously. As I have a Google Alert on my name, each time an article is indexed by Google, I am notified.

I am not sure what Medium policy is about follow and no follow links, but if Medium routinely puts a ‘no follow’ link on an article, then Google won’t index it. In order to draw traffic from Google, your article needs to have certain attributes — some of them easier to attain than others.

Titles and subtitles

Probably the most important aspects of your article are your titles and subtitles. Generally, web designers, when coding a website, will allocate H1 to the top title and H2 to the subtitles. Google bots search H1 and H2 for both meaning and relationship.



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