Leadership, These Days, is Sick

It’s lost its way, and that’s why we are in the place we are in now.


The strongest in a battle wins the fight for leadership in the animal kingdom. Pixabay

I was in my early 20s when one of my bosses told me that I was a natural leader, and the other people in my peer group in the company weren’t. I had no idea what it meant. In later years, it came up, through various tests, that I was a natural leader, but that I had no desire to lead.

My sister, too, when once offered a promotion to management, turned it down flat. She had no desire to play mummy to other people in the company. And that, essentially, is what management in business is today. It’s playing parent to get the kids to play nicely, do what you tell them to do, and grow up and be good business contributors.

This is not leadership.

Then there’s political leadership. Political leadership, however, also turns out not to be leadership. It turns out to be more of a public servant. The leaders do what the people want them to do — that’s what democracy is, isn’t it? There’s no leadership. The people vote for the policies they want. Again, there is no leadership.

What is leadership?

Leadership has been a lost concept for so long that I think it’s necessary to go back to establish the purpose of leadership — to lead the herd to safety in…



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