Why Palestine is Considered Occupied

It’s not what you think…


The Boston Globe reports that Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt attacked Israel on May, 1, 1948 Public Domain

The problem with legal terms is that when people don’t understand them, they put a meaning to them that isn’t what it means. Today, as a result of the web, it happens more and more frequently. So I just want to clarify why Palestine is considered occupied.

United Nations Law

The United Nations has a law that says that whoever attacks first loses the right to keep any land acquired. So when Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt attacked Israel (then known as Palestine) in May, 1948, Israel won the war, and was able to keep all the extra land.

The six-day war in 1967 is another story, though.

Eight middle east nations decided that they did not want Israel there, so they shut down Israel’s access to international water, plus they sent military troops to the border of Israel.

In April 1967, Syria shot at an Israeli tractor ploughing in the demilitarized zone, which escalated to a prewar aerial clash. In May 1967, following misinformation about Israeli intentions provided by the Soviet Union, Egypt expelled UN peacekeepers who had been stationed in the Sinai Peninsula since the Suez conflict, and announced a blockade of Israel’s access to the Red Sea (international waters) via the Straits of Tiran, which Israel…



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