You’re Jewish If Your Mother is Jewish

Alternatively, it’s a two year conversation (very strict) process.


Hasidic Jews are the only Jews who believe that Israel shouldn’t exist. That’s because they think that the non-existent Messiah sent by the non-existent God is going to deliver it to them personally. Creative Commons

I’ve been quite stunned by the number of people who have asked me in the comments section what makes one a Jew. So I thought I would explain.

Jews count one as Jewish if one was born to a Jewish mother — not so if one was born to a Jewish father. The line is Judaism is matrilineal. If you wish to become a Jew, then you have to learn Hebrew, keep a kosher house (keep two sets of plates for different kinds of food, for example), attend synagogue every week, go for lessons every week, and more. If you’re a man, at the end of that time, you will be circumcised.

There is no other way of being a Jew or becoming a Jew. Even if you married a Jew, it does not make you a Jew. And only the children of a Jewish mother are considered Jewish.

The DNA of Jews

I was surprised when I had my DNA done through 23andMe that they could pick up my Ashkenazi DNA. Apparently, it goes back to Turkey — part of the Middle East (the land-bridge between Africa, Europe, and Asia). Since then, I have read up quite a bit about Jewish DNA. Mizrahi Jews, for instance, have been in the Middle East for the past 2000 years, living under Muslim rule for 1600 years of that. Sephardic Jews come…



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