Prototyping & Storyboarding


To gain first-hand appreciation of how users might experience our product, we conducted an experience prototyping session with a couple of people. Since the core of our product is closely intertwined with user’s spatial at the moment of use, we combined the interactive mobile prototype with an adapted cognitive walkthrough exercise to gain a more thorough understanding.

Here are some recorded snippets of our research

Being situated in the space enabled users to provide much more interaction-specific feedback that enabled us to pivot our design towards elements that delight users the most and focus on features that value-add for users.

The participants’ feedback was incorporated into the final design. Our main takeaway was that the journey to a new location was much less interested compared to experiencing the space itself. As with all place-making practices, the crux lies not in the intrigue of a space itself, but the activities that it envelops. Thus, we shifted our focus to interactions in-situ, rather than the journey to get individuals to an unfamiliar destination, which we sketched out below.


We also created a storyboard for our final concept video:

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