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Apple Daily Taiwan readers rush to get last print copies from stalls

Long-term readers of Apple Daily Taiwan turned up at newsstands and convenience stores on the island early on Monday to buy a copy of the last print edition of the newspaper.

Among those who visited convenience stores in Taipei’s Gongguan district to get a copy was Ms. Wang, who has been reading Apple Daily Taiwan since it was established in 2003.

She said she would be missing the print edition, even though she could continue to read the newspaper online. “My mother is now 83-years-old and she reads Apple Daily Taiwan every day,” Wang said.

Another Taipei resident said he initially felt that Apple Daily Taiwan was focused on entertainment gossip and so did not read it. But he later started to appreciate its reporting and became a regular reader.

“Taiwan newspapers such as United Daily News, China Times and Liberal Times have their political stances. Apple Daily Taiwan is comparatively neutral,” the man surnamed Wu said.

Some Taiwanese internet users listed their most memorable front-pages throughout the newspaper’s 18-year history as they bade farewell to its print edition.

“To me, the most impressive one was the double-spread cover that featured [Taiwanese baseball pitcher] Wang Chien-ming,” one user said. Another recalled that he was given an apple as a gift during a promotional event in the paper’s early days.

Some others praised Apple Daily Taiwan for speaking out for underprivileged groups before the age of online media and smartphones.

Apple Daily Taiwan ended its print edition on Monday, citing changes in the media environment and continuous operating losses amid Beijing’s clampdown in Hong Kong.

Its web-based edition will continue operating.

In a letter to readers on Monday, the newspaper thanked them for their support over the past 18 years. It also pledged to continue to uphold its values and enhance its online content.

Click here for Chinese version

Click here for Chinese version

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