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Arrested editor Ryan Law a journalist with perspectives: Apple Daily colleague

Apple Daily’s editor-in-chief Ryan Law, who was among five executives arrested by the Hong Kong police last week accused of breaching the national security law, is a journalist keen to analyze different perspectives on current affairs with his colleagues.

Now with Law’s absence in the newsroom following his arrest, one of his colleagues recalled that the chief editor often came to his seat during lunch, with sandwiches and a cup of coffee in hand, to discuss Hong Kong politics and world current affairs.

“He is generous in sharing his observations with others. More importantly, he enjoys listening to your views as well,” the reporter who covers political issues said of Law.

“The information I can get during the short time it takes for sandwiches is more than what I can learn from reading analysis for a whole week,” the reporter said.

The reporter first met Law at a meeting held by a former Hong Kong lawmaker in December 2008. He was working with another media organization, where Law had also worked previously. “Afterwards I asked my supervisor about Law. My supervisor told me that [Law’s] writing was very, very good,” the reporter said.

In Apple Daily’s newsroom, Law encouraged his colleagues to always look at issues from different perspectives, challenging them with probing questions.

Sometimes, the political reporter admitted, he couldn’t agree with Law’s approach and would respond to his boss with a blunt “no.” But after explaining his reasoning, the reporter said Law would usually accept his point of view.

Hong Kong authorities have charged Law and Next Digital Chief Executive Officer Cheung Kim-hung with colluding with a foreign country or external elements to endanger national security. Law and Cheung were denied bail on Saturday.

They were among five executives arrested on Thursday when 500 police officers raided Apple Daily’s newsroom.

Next Digital is the publisher of Apple Daily.

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