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‘Reporting the truth’: Hong Kong readers say thank you to Apple Daily on its 26th anniversary

Hong Kong readers have expressed support for Apple Daily as it celebrated its 26th anniversary on Sunday.

At a newsstand on Portland Street in Mong Kok, reader Ms. Man bought 10 copies of Apple Daily as a show of support and said she planned to buy 10 more.

“Hongkongers will support [Apple Daily], and are sincerely thankful that it will continue to report the truth despite authoritarian oppression,” she said. “Buying copies of Apple Daily is not a crime, and the public will not stop just because of intimidation from the government.”

On Thursday, police arrested two media executives and three news staff for “collusion with a foreign country or with external elements to endanger national security” under the national security law. In a show of force, 500 officers were mobilized to raid the offices of Next Digital, Apple Daily’s publisher.

Mr. Lee said he started reading Apple Daily during his working years, and continued to do so throughout his two-decade retirement. “I don’t want Apple Daily to fold. What the government is doing now is a form of suppression,” he said.

Ms. Leung, another reader, said she was “heartbroken” by how the newspaper was treated by authorities. “Any Hongkonger knows that Apple Daily is being targeted. There is not much ordinary people can do except to subscribe and buy physical copies,” she said.

Leung said the government’s charges against Apple Daily executives were an infringement of press freedom. “Hong Kong was not like this before. If we don’t have freedom of speech and the press, then we are no longer a world city,” she said.

A reader surnamed Chan said he preferred reading Apple Daily online, but he recently switched to buying physical copies as keepsakes. Chan thanked the employees of Apple Daily, saying that they “really put their heart and soul into their work.”

At a nearby Mong Kok restaurant, a reader who wished to be identified as Andy bought 20 copies of Apple Daily and distributed it for free. “As a Hongkonger, I must definitely support Apple Daily,” he said, adding that the news organization’s plight was a sign of how Hong Kong was changing.

Newsstand owner Ms. Tse said all 300 copies of Apple Daily were sold out on Saturday, and she expected that the 150 copies that she stocked on Sunday would also fly off the shelves.

Reader Ms. Tsang said she hoped that Apple Daily can hold on for as long as it can. “This is a sign of the Hong Kong spirit,” she said.

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