Our backbone, our phlebotomists

Most people colloquially know them as Lab technicians, they’re otherwise called phlebotomists. Pronounced fluh-bot-uh-mist, also known as phlebos!

They also happen to be our most prized treasures, turning up for work, everyday, sharp at 6 am. Such wonderful, wonderful beings, our experience as the employees of Tested has been made memorable because of these professionals.

Why are they our backbone ?

Every healthcare institution requires a surgical and an expert hand in drawing blood for day-to-day requirements. This is even more critical if you are a diagnostic lab, or a home sample/logistics collection startup like us.

Every morning, our phlebotomists visit our customers’ choice of address, follow the needed safety procedures and draw the medical sample(blood/urine/stool) required. Post this, they store the sample as per the quality norms, and transport it to the nearest collection centre.

Nawaz sharing his daily experiences

What makes them special ?

  • They are hired solely on referrals. Our fleet comes through a strong selection process, that involves 2 rounds of interviews, a stringent background check and a referral from someone within the company. (That being said, we are always open to new applicants, but we gauge their performance and run a strong rounded peer-feedback to understand the cultural and professional fitting of every candidate)
  • They are skilled in both open and closed collection techniques. While most customers are unaware of the difference, to clarify, our folks(phlebos) at Tested are experts at using the syringe and the collection-needles-vaccutainer as well.
  • They are empowered with technology, from our omnipresent back-end to the technician app that makes home collection efficient, and effective
  • They love their work!
Venu and his love for the profession
  • They are trained by LearnEd, who specialise in human resource training and skill development. Our phlebos are regularly exposed to finer customer servicing aspects like customer experience, interpersonal training, personality development and communication.
  • They are empathetic, in fact, empathy is a criteria in our selection. No matter how emotionally charged our customers are, our technicians always present the most calm and understanding front.
Rahmath sharing his story

Even though we are a startup that specialises in efficient technology and premium service, our real strength lies in our technicians. They are the source of all human connections that we have forged with our patients, they are also our backbone.

If you are looking for a source of inspiration in our workplace, look no further, just say hello to the nearest available technician!