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Testes Talk: Joseph Theis

Meet Joseph Theis, a Retail Account Director from the Portland, Oregon area and a testicular cancer survivor. When he was just 33 years old, he began experiencing pain before a work-related golf tournament. Afterwards, he told his wife about the pain and discomfort. Sure enough, she discovered a mass and called the doctor immediately.

At first, the doctor misdiagnosed Joseph with an infection — and his wife stayed on top of it. After it had grown nearly double in size, she insisted he go back to the doctor. The doctor then found the tumor easily. He says that his wife likely saved his life.

Joseph’s cancer metastasized into his lymph nodes, and for that he underwent 16 weeks of chemotherapy. He says that waiting too long was a bad idea, but that people don’t want to admit that they have cancer.

Joseph says of his cancer battle, “You are never out of the fight! You need to stress less, laugh more, live and love more — even if it seems you can’t!”

After cancer, an aortic dissection and another aortic aneurism (Leading to two emergency open heart surgeries), he says he stresses less, laughs more, lives his life to the fullest and loves as much as humanly possible.

“I wish I would have worked more and spent more time away from family and friends… said NO ONE EVER!” he adds. “Cherish the gift that you have been given. Sometimes it’s a grind. Sometimes it’s hard, but I always try to remember: Someone is having a much worse day than me.”

His advice to other men is, “If you feel something, say something. It’s like the TSA — see something, say something; however, this TSA is the Testicular Saving Act!”

Thank you, Joseph, for sharing your inspirational story and for showing us how important it is to act — and act quickly if something isn’t right, and to stay positive. For any questions for Joe, please comment below.

For resources on testicular cancer, please visit: cacti.org/resources.




Welcome to our #TestesTalk series, where we hear and share first-hand stories from those affected by testicular cancer. Each cancer journey is unique — from diagnosis to treatment and survivorship. ‘Meet’ some incredible people that we’ve had the privilege of speaking with.

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