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A Workplace is a living entity, characterized by people who work there, relationships between those people, the trust they have with each other and the leadership, and many finer elements. Since the inception of TestVagrant, we have focussed on some core values to build the workplace; trust, care, and mutual respect.

Trust is certainly one of the most defining traits of a great workplace. Trust — in your employees, trust that they will conduct the best, trust that they are giving the best. It helps build credibility and it’s two-way. For employees, it creates a channel to express themselves, share their thoughts without the fear of being judged. For leadership, it allows to brainstorm ideas, get feedback on policies before they are adopted or rolled out to everyone. Trust strengthens the employer-employee partnership which promotes commitment, engagement, and loyalty.

Care; we almost always remember the kindness shown towards us. No matter where you are but being cared for always has a profound impact on our mental and emotional state. Almost all workplaces either relate themselves to a team or relate to being a family. And irrespective of which one you relate to, both have elements of care deeply imbibed in them. We are more than just a developer or a QA or a recruiter or an HR. Job is a passion to some or a means of paying bills to others. We create a workplace where we can go a little beyond to help them personally or show care about their personal life events. Care breeds belongingness, friendship, and a sense of family or team.

Respect is like air. As long as it’s present, nobody thinks about it. But if you take it away, it’s all that people can think about.” — Quoted from Crucial Conversations. Respect is the third most important ingredient of a great workplace. It sets the ground for employees to learn from each other, form meaningful relationships with each other, reduces workplace stress, and avoid conflicts. Respect in the workplace is vital and is not only an employee’s responsibility. It has to be demonstrated from day one and leaders must lead it by example, exhibiting what is acceptable and what is not.

Trust, respect and care increase the self-worth of an individual and it forms the core of an individual when they perceive themselves. Employees join an organization not just in desire of a job description and a huge pay, at times they also want to discover their identities over time and trying to become a better version of themselves. As an employer, we are equally responsible to help them grow and give them the nurturing they need to be better selves of them.

Workplace culture resides not in policy or posters, an employee is a living testimony of it.


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Nishant Verma (CEO, TestVagrant)



Testvagrant is a test engineering company which helps shape the testing strategy and take Products a step closer to having a faster, accurate, and more predictable release.

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