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There are some commonality and obvious pattern which we figured out on this journey. And for the larger benefit, I would like to capture it here. Startups we work with, are in different stages of product evolution and scale. Below is a decent representation of the different phases of growth of a typical startup.

Phase 0–2

While you are building MVP! What we noticed was when your startup is in phase 0–2, you don’t really need to invest much in strategizing testing. Testing should be sufficed by the in-house product development team or a couple of testers who could be engaged when the product is ready. All you care about at this stage is just a working product with core business scenarios working. Acceptable quality at low cost should be the mantra here. At this stage pretty much everything is in flux including your business idea. So why bother spending huge costs on quality when the idea itself is waiting to get validated or accepted by consumers.

Phase 2 Onwards

When you are scaling, the story is different. Consumer demands are increasing and so is the change in the business trends, every effort is made to increase your consumer base and this has intensified the market. All business model out there is easily replicable and has been replicated (there is a me-too product out there with either more options or improvised offering). For every consumer app, there is more than one app or solution out there, so one business’s loss is another business’s gain. To maintain a competitive edge just innovating is not good enough, you need to innovate fast, should have the ability to make ultra-fast releases and a smaller turnaround time to fix errors.

Most of the clients we work with are post-stage 2 (refer pic -1). What we learned is there is a business need to be fast and have the ability to release faster. Once the feature is developed completely the next thing you want to do is release the product asap. How efficiently you have built a testing system/strategy which allows you to test the feature development (or incremental fixes) in a comprehensive way and in the least possible amount of time. How earlier you have started testing in your development process? All these matters for a good quality release at fast speed.

This is where TestVagrant works to help the clients shape their testing strategy and take them a step closer to having a faster, accurate, and more predictable release from a QA standpoint. TestVagrant as a company excels in one segment — how to build a right testing solution for a fast pace product release with the highest quality.

Ever wondered that when the software test automation landscape is full of tools and software which are available in abundance be it for functional test automation or acceptance or even performance/security then why Speed+Quality is elusive. Below is one such representation, it may have some tools left out but a decent enough representation. One of the significant missing pieces in the below landscape is the UI testing tools based on AI & ML. And we can categorise them somewhere between Functional & Acceptance Testing. However, it’s just for the illustration that we have ample choices of tools and software when it comes to testing.

Courtesy: redpointvc Medium Article

A good solution is always about having the right processes, a good set of practices, tools to build a framework that suits your need, future overlooking solutions, and a great team on the ground. You need to get all these parameters right to achieve high quality at high speed.

TestVagrant catapults clients into the 3rd quadrant by bringing a team of people with the proven expertise in solving similar problems, thereby saving a lot of time in the discovery of solutions and adapting itself to working with a fast-moving product company with an ambitious release plan. Few key differentiators we bring with us are:

>We bring in innovation with agility and help you suggest & adopt a testing stack that is way more superior, faster, and built to scale. We show you how it is done, run a couple of releases and build “trust” into the solution.

>We bring you the advantage of having a trusted testing partner with a pool of talents having the right mix of expertise. Read up on why we call a full stack QA the need of the hour.

>We are a technology company that is passionate about test engineering and assures to help you cut down your software time to market drastically on the QA front.

Feel free to reach out to us: info@testvagrant.com


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Nishant Verma (CEO, TestVagrant)



Testvagrant is a test engineering company which helps shape the testing strategy and take Products a step closer to having a faster, accurate, and more predictable release.

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