New image, new Tetuan Valley

We have grown, and with growth comes change. We’ve had new additions to our team, started working along new lines, and on new projects. To go with these changes we’ve created a new image and new website, which we are now proud to present to you. These changes reflect our new vision and the evolution of Tetuan Valley throughout the past 7+ years. Of course, our main purpose and the reason why we do all we do is and will always be the entrepreneurs.

This past year we’ve taken our Startup School on the road. We’ve organized the Startup School in cities like Asturias, Malaga and Cordoba. We have taken the Startup School methodology to universities, bringing us closer to budding entrepreneurs. We have also taken our know-how to big companies, helping them keep up with a constantly changing and incrementally demanding business world. These three lines of work: Startup School Spain, universities and corporates, have opened our eyes to the immensity of the entrepreneurship world. We would like to thank the people that have put their trust in us this year: Link by UMA-A-Tech, coSfera, AsturValley, Correos, Orange, Canal de Isabel II and Universidad Camilo José Cela.

This new website is not just a change of image, but it affects the structure of Tetuan Valley. The Startup School will adapt to the changing needs of entrepreneurs and the Tetuan Valley team is ready to face the challenges that come with being the go-to Startup program in Europe. This year we have big goals for Tetuan Valley. We will begin to focus on particular emerging technologies at our Startup School, and we aspire to digitalize our expertise to be able to have a greater reach. Through collaborations with other European institutions we will bring to companies the solutions of startups, and we hope to be able to take our Startup School abroad. Stay tuned for all we have in store! New image, new Tetuan Valley.
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