Work for a startup

A lot of words have been written about how to success in your startup, how to be financed, how to hire the best talent or how to be “Lean”.

But there is not a lot of told about how is working FOR a startup.

The first question you must answer to yourself is:

Why work for a startup?

If you are unemployed, can be just work, or can be a great surprise if you have never worked or even heard about the startup world.

But… what happen when you are working, you are having every month your earnings for sure.

Why are you going to risk your family and your own stability?

If after wondering this to yourself, you still feel the need of running away from your work, I will tell you a secret, you are not happy with your job.

Principal reason for leave your job for a startup job:

  • You want to be a person, not a number.
  • You want to make things better, have good ideas for improve and your company doesn’t hear you.
  • You don’t have papers in your walls saying you are good in something, you are good at it in a natural way.
  • You are looking for improve your carrier but your company doesn’t give you the opportunity to show your skills.
  • Improving in your company means more salary, more responsibilities, and working a lot of more hours (doesn’t worth).
  • You are working in something you hate but you need the job.

What can you expect?

I will talk by my own experience in Kubide, the startup hired me recently.

  • You will work with family, everyone will try you feel ok, more in the first weeks.
  • Everybody has a job scope, and usually is very well limited. No talent will be wasted here.
  • You can ask for help to anybody, doesn’t mean you are bad at your job, means you want to do in the best way.
  • Despite usually startups are small, you can have a really good salary doing what you are good and love to do.
  • You will be a person not a number, your opinions will be heared and everybody including the CEO will know your name.

If after reading this article you feel you definitely want to work for a startup or found yours, I encourage you to go every event, meetup or networking you can.

You will meet such a good people as me.

Keep an eye always on this people to have the best news about entrepreneurship!

Have a nice day in work, I will.

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