The DNC Destroyed America
Nicholas Grossman

The DNC Did Not Destroy America: But Their Tactics Against the Left Certainly Don’t Help

ABC News

To answer your question: I was right here, watching apologists ignore what people are actually upset about. This smugness and dismissive attitude towards people on the left is exactly why some people are fleeing the Democratic Party (I am not one of them). It is not the idea that people think differently than they do that bothers them, it is how completely closed off many democrats are to any ideas to their left. The problematic nature of Thomas Perez’s candidacy has been demonstrated repeatedly:

Therefore, it is clear what the left is upset about, and do not understand why so many are choosing to ignore it. Instead of treating those concerns seriously (the Muslim-baiting against Ellison, recruiting a candidate specifically with the goal of beating Ellison who had broad support) you are implying that these people are being babies. It is funny how the people who are now claiming that this position is inconsequential went to such great lengths to make sure that Ellison did not win. But I guess we should all be happy that democrats used the same tactics that were used against Barack Obama for a decade to make sure Keith Ellison did not win. This is while they are clamoring against Trump’s supposed bigotry. It’s okay if we Muslim-bait, after all, we’re Dems!

Yet so many are writing pieces talking about not knowing whether Perez or Ellison would be good at the actual job when they have entire records to answer that question. And from this position of intentional ignorance, apologists posit that it was just about one faction of the same ideological team getting their person in there. Except, the guy that they put in there has none of Ellison’s organizing experience in a party that is trying to sustain a grassroots network unlike what they did after Obama in 2008. You would think a guy who was a substantial part of a state like Minnesota staying blue might just be the type of person you would want at the top. There has been all this talk about the chair’s personal ideology not meaning all that much, and yet, to justify the Perez pick, we keep hearing about how he has a progressive record and inclinations similar to Ellison. Wouldn’t that be irrelevant? Isn’t the job about supporting the local and state parties, recruiting candidates, mobilizing support, and getting money? What exactly does him being a “progressive” have to do with that?

Look, this was clearly the Democratic establishment getting their guy in there because they didn’t like whatever change Ellison would bring, otherwise, you go with the guy with 800,000 signatures that has been endorsed by both Clinton and Sanders primary surrogates and you get to the business of fighting Republicans. Stop pretending that the people upset started this confrontation — they did not. They most certainly did not have Alan Dershowitz on TV every day as a prominent surrogate with the goal of turning the first African-American US Representative from MN, and the first Muslim-elected to US Congress, into an Israel-hating anti-Semite. I can assure you that they weren’t the ones telling young people who supported HRC by a higher margin than anyone that they should not be catered to because they’re not real Democrats (Howard Dean). Win by any means and then act confused when some people decide that they are unwanted. Hilarious.

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