The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Videos of the Week

Week 1: February 5th — February 11th

USA Today
The Good: Shout out to Makonnen for unapologetically living his truth. The Migos and Makonnen situation turned ugly after the Migos made an ambiguous statement about Makonnen’s sexuality. We’re glad that the Migos showed their support in a follow- up statement. With that being said, Thank God for Twitter comedy.
The Good: After Senator Elizabeth Warren was silenced by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for speaking out about the confirmation of Jeff Sessions. Bernie Sanders weighed in and reminded us all why he’s for the people and stands for civil rights and justice.
The Ugly: When you’re a stand-up comedian, most assume that you can handle a heckler. But George Lopez seems to have lost his cool when he went on a profanity- laced tirade. The inflammatory remarks raised eyebrows and led some people to conclude that Mr. Lopez should apologize for his actions. When keeping it real goes wrong?
The Good: We haven’t fully determined if this is 100 percent good yet. I mean the cause was righteous. But we’re from a school of thought that teaches “Aint nobody scoring 92 points on me B.” But 92 points is 92 points. So “put some respek” on LaMelo’s name.
The Good: Former President Barack Obama has left an abusive relationship and hasn’t looked back. This man aint worried about nothing. (French Montana’s voice) Enjoy Prez, enjoy. He’s still my President!

The Good: The controversy surrounding the New England Patriots is starting to feel like an every year thing. The latest is Tom Brady and his relationship to our current President and his absence from visiting the White House under former President Barack Obama. Nelly feels that players who decide they don’t want to see President Trump shouldn’t have to go because Tom Brady decided not to. Is he right or wrong? You damn right, he is right.

The Good: The Charles Oakley situation has been poorly handled. Shame on the Knicks organization for treating an NBA legend with such little respect and dignity. But this video was hilarious.

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