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August 29, 2017

FootWear News

The Bad: Hurricane Harvey has devastated the nation. The storm is still wreaking havoc throughout the southern region of the United States and the estimated death toll is, 30. People are hurting. Lives are ruined. CNN needs to do a better job to ensure that moments like this never happen again. Who wants to be interviewed when their life is in shambles? I understand the arguments of reporting and spreading awareness but there needs to be more discretion, integrity and empathy. #HurricaneHarvey #CNN

The Bad: If you can help in any capacity, please do so. The good people of Texas need you more than ever. #HurricaneHarvey

The Good: It has become standard operating procedure for some high-profile African-Americans to undermine the efforts for equality by publicly bashing those who want equality or blaming African-Americans for their societal plight. I was heartbroken when I heard that Civil Rights and NFL legend Jim Brown had publicly disagreed with the methods of Colin Kaepernick’s national anthem protest. As if there is a good method to use, when you’re fighting for your human rights. Ebro from Hot 97 wasn’t haven’t it. #ColinKaepernick #BlackLivesMatter #NFL

The Good: The season finale of Game of Thrones was great. No spoiler from us here at Texture( GO WATCH IT NOW). However, the mix of Game of Thrones’ theme song and Kanye West’s voice is pretty comical and pretty dope at the same time. #GameofThrones #Kanye