Celebrating the Coast Guard During Armed Forces Week

The Texas Veterans Land Board (VLB) salutes all those who serve or have served in the United States Coast Guard (USCG), our only Armed Forces branch that is both military and law enforcement, during this Armed Forces Week.

The Coast Guard is involved in multiple types of operations, including saving lives of those on the coastline. Recently, in Port Arthur, a mobile offshore drilling unit caught fire and the crew’s lives were endangered. Nine workers were trapped on the upper platform of the burning rig, which had been completing a salvage operation. The USCG on the scene lowered rescuers onto the platform from a helicopter, then hoisted workers to a nearby rig accessible by land.

“Thanks to the phenomenal teamwork and coordination by everyone involved, nine lives were saved,” said USCG mission coordinator Keith Donohue. “Coast Guard crews and personnel train year-round for life-saving situations like this, and we take great pleasure in knowing everyone was able to go home safely.”

These kinds of actions are just a day’s work for Coast Guardsmen, but affect tens of thousands of lives around the country each year. The VLB is so grateful for all our Coast Guard Veterans and Active-Duty Military Members, and wish them all a Happy Armed Forces Week!

The VLB is happy to provide any needed help for these American heroes. The mission for the VLB is “to ensure that we offer the very best package of Veterans benefits in the country and those of us who work for the VLB strive to meet those goals every day. For more than 70 years, we have had the honor to serve Veterans, Military Members and their families in Texas, and we look forward to keeping that promise in the years to come.” Call 1–800–252–8387, email VLBinfo@glo.texas.gov, or visit vlb.texas.gov to see the different benefits available.

If you are a Veteran, thank you for your service. Click Here to Sign Up to stay informed on your benefits with the Texas Veterans Land Board.



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