Coast Guard Day

The Texas Veterans Land Board (VLB) salutes the Coast Guard on August 4, its 232nd birthday. The motto of the Coast Guard is “Semper Paratus” or “Always Ready,” and indeed this branch is always prepared to protect America. The Coast Guard is our only Armed Force to share homeland security, law enforcement, and military roles. Coast Guardsmen protect economic, national, and border security.

From its small beginning with 10 ships in 1790 at Alexander Hamilton’s behest, to its modern control of a multi-mission, interoperable fleet of 243 Cutters, 201 fixed and rotary-wing aircraft, and over 1,600 boats, the Coast Guard is a pivoting force that can fight drug trafficking, save citizens on burning boats and protect our shoreline, sometimes all in the course of a single day.

Recently, the Coast Guard made history, but not for service action. The first female commandant of any Armed Force was named June 1 for the Coast Guard, and her name is Admiral Linda L. Fagan. She graduated from the U. S. Coast Guard Academy and has served for 37 years as a Guardsman.

The quote highlighted on the Commandant’s website is, “Tomorrow looks different. So will we. We will be a more adaptive and connected Coast Guard that generates sustained readiness, resilience, and capability — in new ways — to enhance our Nation’s maritime safety, security, and prosperity.”

The VLB thanks all who serve as Coast Guardsmen and share our gratitude with all other branches of the Armed Forces. Have a happy birthday, Coast Guard!

The Texas Veterans Land Board (VLB) is happy to provide any needed help for these American heroes. The mission for the VLB is “to ensure that we offer the very best package of Veterans benefits in the country and those of us who work for the VLB strive to meet those goals every day. For more than 70 years, we have had the honor to serve Veterans, Military Members and their families in Texas, and we look forward to keeping that promise in the years to come.” Call 1–800–252–8387, email, or visit to see the different benefits available.

If you are a Veteran, thank you for your service. Click Here to Sign Up to stay informed on your benefits with the Texas Veterans Land Board.



A blog for the Texas Veterans Land Board that provides in-depth information on benefits, programs and resources for Veterans, military members and their families in Texas.

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