Commissioner Bush Welcomes Medal of Honor Recipients

Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush greeted Medal of Honor recipients at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport on April 6th as they arrived in Texas in advance of the Medal of Honor Host City Program in Gainesville, Texas. Acting in his capacity as chairman of the Texas Veterans Land Board (VLB), Commissioner Bush spent over an hour with the recipients and the USO volunteers who hosted the lunch-time reception at their Gate B-14 location. He praised the volunteers for their years of dedication and recognized the recipients as true heroes.

The event has been held for over a decade in Gainesville, a mid-sized city about an hour north of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. A large number of the 77 living Medal of Honor recipients attended the weekend-long program which featured a dinner, parade, and several programs and ceremonies.

Started by Vietnam War Veterans Don Pettigrew and Gary Cox, the program began informally as a way for Medal of Honor recipients to gather and be honored, and has grown over the years to be the largest event of its type. Pettigrew remarked on how the entire community supports the effort, as evidenced by the large number of law enforcement officers who arrived to provide a VIP escort along the entire route from the airport to Gainesville.

“We’re just the right size for this event,” said Pettigrew. “If we were any smaller we wouldn’t have the capacity to support something like this, but if we were any larger of a community, we might not have the right heart for it.”

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