Forfeited Land Discounted With No Down Payment

On April 25, 2019, the Texas Veterans Land Board (VLB) unanimously approved a reduction in the minimum bid amounts for the forfeited land tracts listed below. As an additional incentive, no down payment is required.

Because these properties belong to the Type II Forfeited Land Sale, they are made available to all Texas residents at an interest rate of 8.25%. Veterans and Military Members receive the discounted VLB Land Loan interest rate of 7.25%.

Detailed instructions on how to purchase Type II forfeited land can be found in our handy Type II Forfeited Land Sale Program Handbook.

Navarro County

The Shores

This property is located inside The Shores Subdivision on Richland Chambers Lake in Eureka, Texas just southeast of Corsicana.

Tract #14141
Was $70,000 now $50,000 with NO down payment!
1.048 acres
Tract 33, Phase 3
Tract is NOT in a flood plain

Your VLB land loan benefit may be used to purchase VLB Forfeited Land Tracts, or other properties of one acre or more, anywhere in Texas. If you have questions about bidding offline or online, please contact the VLB at 1–800–252–8387 or

If there are no forfeited land tracts that interest you, please consider property search websites that list land for sale in Texas, or contact a VLB Approved Real Estate Professional.

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