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Happy Thanksgiving from VLB Chairman George P. Bush

Thanksgiving is a special time for us to reflect on the many blessings we are fortunate to have as a free nation. Every year we gather with our families and enjoy home-cooked meals while reminiscing of years past. This year, while we enjoy the company of our loved ones and appreciate all of God’s blessings, I encourage Texans to take a moment to also give thanks for the many Veterans that make this holiday so special.

For as long as Thanksgiving has been a nationally recognized holiday, millions of Veterans have since spent the day thousands of miles away, separated from families and friends, surrounded instead by their brothers and sisters in arms. Today, tens of thousands of men and women in uniform continue this trend serving alongside our global allies while helping defend our nation. We thank these men and women for choosing to serve and hold their sacrifices near to our hearts. I hope each one of them feels truly appreciated and I pray for their continued safety.

Coinciding with Thanksgiving, November is also recognized as Military Family Month. We should remain mindful that this holiday season, there are many families who may have a loved one deployed or coping with any number of challenges that accompany military life. For every Airman, Marine, Sailor and Soldier, there is a wife, a husband, children, parents, and countless others who may be missing their loved one. We are forever grateful for the sacrifices made not only by our troops, but also the families who support them.

As chairman of the Veterans Land Board (VLB), I have made it my mission to improve our offering of states resources to Veterans across Texas. In addition to the traditional benefits we offer, such as home and land loans, long term care and a permanent resting place, this effort also includes reaching out to military families and ensuring that we have their best interests in mind and our full support. I am incredibly proud of the progress we’ve made of the course of my tenure and I anticipate our agency will continue to build upon this strong momentum and expand the VLB’s outreach across Texas.

This Thanksgiving, throughout November, and into the holiday season, I hope that all Veterans and military members are comforted knowing that we understand the emotions felt during missed birthdays, sporting events, anniversaries, and other special occasions. And while it is important to continue remembering the sacrifices made by Veterans and their families during this time of the year, my team and I will continue to recognize their contributions each and every day. It is our duty and privilege to ensure that Veteran knows how deeply appreciative we as a nation are for their service.

Amanda and I wish you and your families a safe, healthy, and happy Thanksgiving!

God bless Texas,

George P. Bush
Chairman, Veterans Land Board