Honoring Children of Military Families

While there are many reasons Americans choose to serve in the military, one of the most common themes is satisfying their sense of duty to defend our great nation so that a brighter future may exist for the next generations. For many servicemembers and Veterans — including approximately 1.5 million Texans — their service is specifically intended to secure the futures of their family members.

This call to service is a noble one, and a necessary one, but can also come at the expense of military families. Deployments, constant training cycles, and the grueling schedule required by military life often means time missed from sporting events, graduations, birthdays, and other important moments.

Recognizing these hardships is important, and that’s why since 1986, April has been designated as the Month of the Military Child. Throughout the month, Americans across the nation share their gratitude for the millions of children who live in a military household. At the VLB, we recognize the challenges that are placed on these children and express our gratitude towards the thousands of Texas children whose parents serve in the military today.

As a small token of our appreciation to children of military members, we have an easy-to-print VLB activity book. In addition to the coloring pages, word search, and other activities within this book, there is also a fillable portion for children to participate in our Mail Drop Program. This program allows Texas children to send letters to our Veteran residents of the nine State Veterans Homes. As VLB Chairman, I find it incredibly important that today’s children learn the importance of sacrifice and military service in order for them to more fully understand the cost of freedom.

While we strive to honor and serve Veterans across Texas every day, this month, we salute the children who also make tremendous sacrifices for our country. We are proud of you, and we thank you and your parents’ service to our nation.

God Bless Texas!

George P. Bush, Chairman Texas Veterans Land Board



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