Letter from the Chairman — Recognizing Gold Star Mother’s and Family’s Day

Dear Veteran,

On September 25th, the Texas Veterans Land Board (VLB) observed Gold Star Mother’s and Family’s Day in honor of the families of our fallen heroes. The men and women of our armed forces stand ready to sacrifice everything to uphold our fundamental principles, and when we have needed them most, these heroes have selflessly laid down their lives in defense of our country. As Americans and Texans, we owe our service members a tremendous debt of gratitude, especially those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, and it is our duty as a state and nation to ensure these heroes’ families receive the support they deserve.

Time and again, the families of fallen heroes have displayed unimaginable strength and bravery while managing the loss of their loved one. This fortitude does not appear overnight. It is molded by the unseen sacrifices made by military families every day; From the fear and uncertainty they bear to the challenges of raising children alone or the pain of celebrating life’s milestones an ocean or more apart. The heroism of military families is truly awe inspiring, but it is vital to remember that even the strongest among us need support when the unthinkable happens and we are left to pick up the fragments of our lives.

The VLB’s mission is to not only serve military members and Veterans, but to care for their families and offer them the best benefits in the country. Our team at the VLB helps Gold Star Families understand and connect with their benefits like funeral and burial entitlements, beneficiary financial counseling services, education benefits and more. While there is no program that can fill the void left by a loved one or honor that can be bestowed to replace the missing pieces of a Gold Star Family’s heart, the VLB can help provide families with the stability they need to begin rebuilding.

In honor of Gold Star families, may we forever remember the lives of our fallen warriors and always uphold our sacred duty to stand beside their surviving loved ones.

God Bless Texas,

George P. Bush, Chairman, Texas Veterans Land Board



A blog for the Texas Veterans Land Board that provides in-depth information on benefits, programs and resources for Veterans, military members and their families in Texas.

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