Texas State Veterans Home Residents Host Art Exhibit in Bonham

(L-R) David Goff & Ralph Drautz

The residents of the Clyde W. Cosper Texas State Veterans Home hosted an exhibit of Veterans artwork on Saturday, August 25th from 11:00 a.m. — 2:00 p.m.

The residents produced this work during a five-week art therapy program called “We See You.” This program was created by David Goff, an artist and photographer, and is tailored for Veterans of all ages, backgrounds and experiences.

(L-R) Ralph Drautz | Eddie Whitney
(L-R) Gertie Henson | Tommy Oates & Barbara Dietrich
(L-R) Kurt Drury | Pauline Lawson
(L-R) Melvin Mitchell | Bob & Ruenell Jarriel

Making art allows our Veterans the opportunity to use their imagination and express themselves in their own unique way. Art therapy is a wonderful way to stimulate the mind both cognitively and psychologically. We are so proud of the residents who participated in this wonderful program and we’re delighted to share these special artworks with everyone!

Mr. Melvin Mitchell and his painting


Artist: Harold Low
(Artists L-R) Melvin Mitchell | Gary Sykes | Pauline Lawson
Artist: Bob Jarriel
(Artists L-R) Ralph Drautz | Doyle Chapman | Ralph Drautz
Artist: Kurt Drury
Artist: Bob Jarriel
(Artists L-R) Steve Allen | Barbara Dietrich | Tommy Oates
(Artists L-R) Doyle Chapman | Gertie Henson | Tommy Oates
Painting Signed by Residents

We See You Art Exhibit

(L-R) Isaac & Pauline Lawson | David Goff & Pauline Lawson | Ralph Drautz
(L-R) Ralph Drautz & David Goff | Grace & Kenneth Borchers | Eddie Whitney & David Goff
(L-R) David Goff & Doyle Chapman | Barbara Dietrich & David Goff
(L-R) Bob Jarriel & David Goff | Bob Jarriel | Tommy Oates

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