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Texas VLB Salutes the Department of Defense on its Birthday

The Texas Veterans Land Board celebrates today, the 72nd birthday of the Department of Defense (DoD), with all active duty military and Veterans. Surprisingly, while the federal government’s control of the military is the oldest governmental agency existing, the modern Department of Defense was only created in 1949 with an updated National Security Act.

The DoD is among the largest employers in the world; there are more than one million active-duty service members, more than 800 thousand members of the Guard and Reserve, and more than 700 thousand civilian employees.

An interesting fact about the Department of Defense is that it also runs the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) for children of military and civilian employees in locations outside the United States. There are 160 schools that serve about 70,000 of the 1 million DoD-associated children, located in 10 time zones around the world. Many of these “Brats,” as military dependents often call themselves, recall their experience in a DoD school with fond memories.

Happy birthday to the Department of Defense from the Veterans Land Board! Your support of Veterans is greatly appreciated.

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