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One of the Top Producing Studs anywhere in the world right now is none other than 2017 & 2018 Mascot- Louis V Line’s Venom.

Notorious for his build and short stature, Venom is Louis V’s shortest & most compact son.

It will take several generations before becoming a recognized bloodline, but the foundation that this boy has laid for kennels across the globe is second to none. When it comes to mass, muscle, bone and build on a bully under 13″.. This is King.

Louis V Line’s Venom (Call name “Chunk” ) has been producing the Louis V Line look consistently, but on a much shorter, more compact american bully.

When asked what made him want to get Venom out there and into the public eye, Matt was quick to answer. “His first breeding. To be honest I didn’t know if I wanted to breed Venom to a Classic type bitch on the 1st one. I wanted to be more selective, and bring him to some extremely bully, heavier Daxline female because I know people judge a Stud by his productions.

So I was planning on lining up some real she-males for the 1st couple litters so I’d have some real bully productions off of him to show off. But, the owner of the female are good friends of ours and I reluctantly agreed to do it.

When I saw what came out of that litter (to a Classic bitch) I knew I had something special in him (Venom)

After his first 3 litters hit a year old it was a wrap.. “He’s got the gift” I told my wife one night before bed. What are you talking about? She said “Nothing baby, go back to sleep.”

Nearly all his productions carry his signature headpiece, an extremely short back and flashy colors.

From Owner Texas Size Bullies/Venomline:

With the way Venom’s been producing, it’s only right that we continue to carry on his Legacy with his own line- Venomline.

“Beginning early 2019, we will be looking to expand Venomline into other parts of the world. We will be very selective as to who we will partner with to carry on his legacy and represent our productions in their country.

We will only be sending our best breeding stock as Foundation dogs and will play a key role in setting partners up for success.”


• 2018 BULLY KING Magazine Mascot

• 2018 World Canine Association Mascot

• 2017 Stud Of The Year Nominee (Bully Embassy Magazine)

• 2017 UBN Registry Mascot

• 2017 People’s Choice Awards: Best “Micro Bully”

• 2017 Most Viewed Bully (American or Exotic)

  • Carries all colors including all Tri Color Variations: (Lilac, Champagne, Chocolate, Blue & Black)

Under 13″ This is KING


Height: 12.5″-12.8″ Wicket measurements by Judges of 2 Different Registries

Head: 23.5″

Weight: 62 lbs

Fee: 4K/1K Deposit to Lock in

Paid in Full Discount: 3.5K


How Stud Service (Should) Work

Available Studs

Texas Size Bullies Stud Service isn’t limited only to USA Customers, they Ship offer bulk discounts for International Customers

  • 2 Breeding Units: 3.5K Each
  • 3 Breeding Units: 3K Each
  • 5 or More Breeding Units: 2.5K Each

How Does International Shipping For Stud Service Work?

Call/Text: 832.452.0898


Just How Consistent is Louis V Line’s Venom?


The Consistency in which Venom has been producing is incredible.. here’s a few of the puppies where he’s cloned himself.

Rampage with Sister Chunkette
Savage (2X Venom) & Mini Chunk (Venom X Evee)
Venom litter in Australia by Big Benefit Bullies

There is a huge difference between just breeding two dogs together because of names in the Pedigree behind them and studying genetics, understanding how genotype influences phenotype and carefully selecting each pairing to move toward a specific goal.

There are breeders who look for a Stud after their female is in heat, and breeders who plan months even years ahead.

The proof is in our productions.

Swizz | 10 month old female

Texas Size Bullies owner Matt Siebenthal doesn’t live off breeding dogs, this is his passion. He runs other businesses during the day, but if you send a text after calling he is good about getting back to just about everyone.

“Since the recent television airing it has been a little overwhelming and a bit difficult to respond to every message on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Website etc.

That’s a lot of different places to check..

So please do not think we are ignoring you, have gotten full of ourselves, or think we are above responding to everyone.

We will always take time with anyone interested in the breed, a puppy, using a Stud or just wanting to ask basic questions.

We hardly, if ever have pups on the ground waiting to be sold. Our litters are usually sold out before they hit the ground and pups are reserved in advance. If you are interested in a puppy from us, the best way is to reserve a pick off of an upcoming breeding.

If we miss your message, feel free to give us a call or shoot us a text at 832–452–0898. If we miss your call, just shoot us a text and I will always respond within 24 hours.

Thank you for taking the time to view our family members.”

– Texas Size Bullies

Upcoming/Completed Breedings with Pups dropping soon

Be sure to Subscribe to our Youtube Channel & give us a like on Facebookfor more great content, upcoming litters, Available Studs, announcements & more!


World’s Best Extreme Build Pocket American Bullies


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Home of the Extreme Pocket Bully • Bully King Magazine Mascots Venom & Omega • Several ABKC Pocket Champions Produced •



World’s Best Extreme Build Pocket American Bullies

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