Agile Recruitment

Marta Moliz
Aug 12 · 3 min read

In the past weeks, we discussed what Agile methodology is and how it helps teams to work on software development projects. But Agile can be applied to other processes and parts of the business as well. Today we will discuss how Agile can be used in recruitment and how it can help you improve your processes while sourcing.

In a nutshell, agile methodology for recruitment is based on sprints, prioritisation of tasks, and regular feedback checkpoints to improve communication and clarity between recruiters and hiring managers, as well as within the recruiters’ teams.

What are the main benefits of Agile Recruiting?

The main goal of agile recruitment is to provide high value and satisfaction for both the hiring manager and the hired candidate. Different points that can be improved through this approach include:

  1. Better collaboration

More contact, constant communication and regular touch points easily result in better collaboration between recruiters and hiring managers, as well as between other recruiters and sourcers on the team. It will help avoiding frustrations and address issues on the go.

2. Speed and productivity of the hiring process

With Agile recruiting, because of the touch points and shorter sprints, there will be more regular updates and communication will go smoother between parties. If there would be, for example, changes to be done in the job offers, they will arrive on time and not after the screening of candidates so no need to start over.

3.Feedback and continuous improvement

Because of the above, you can make your recruiting process better in a shorter time frame. Agile recruiting gives you more chances to innovate, adapt and test new things.

How to implement Agile in your company, you may ask?

1. Work in sprints

Set priorities from the beginning on what will be the focus for that sprint and the length of sprints and try to stick to it.

2. Have daily (or weekly) scrum meetings

Make sure to meet everyday with your team (preferably at the same time & place) and update the other stakeholders of the status of your tasks. Identify challenges (and ask for support if needed). There is no need to meet with the hiring managers on a daily basis, but frequently enough to show CVs of candidates and update on the process.

3. Implement a Scrum task board

A visual board will help you and your team keep track of the different recruiting steps and goals and will be an easy reminder of what has to come next.


With these easy steps you can start your own agile recruitment process. Keep in mind as well that this approach may not be useful for all open roles you are working on. It proves to be pretty useful for new roles you never hired for before, for those with very strict requirements or when working with new companies/hiring managers but it may not turn out so useful when you are sourcing roles you do very frequently.

There is, however, different opinions about how applying this methodology works for recruitment, and it may be that not everyone within a company or a team will implement it with all clients. You will soon be able to hear the opinion of Reggie Ebbe during our upcoming episode of Recs & Devs. Stay tuned!

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Marta Moliz

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Marketing and Communication Manager at Hackages.

Texidi: Your Journey Into Tech

The go-to resource to dive into tech recruitment. Offline workshops to discover the tech terminology & weekly content to get your way into the tech recruitment field.

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