What is backend development?

Milenko Vorkapic
Jul 8, 2019 · 2 min read

To get the best understanding of this article, it’s advised to read our previous blog on frontend first.

In that blog post, we explained that the frontend concerns everything on a web page that you can see as a user. However, when you want to store or retrieve information from the database, you will need the backend.

The database is the place where all the data are stored. So when you have a Facebook profile, the data on your name, gender, your pictures, friends, etc. are stored in the Facebook database. Whenever you want to see certain parts of those data, by opening Facebook on your laptop or on your phone for example, you will need the backend to retrieve those data from the database. The frontend will then make sure that these data are displayed in a nice way.

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So what actually happens when you open Facebook? Facebook has enormous amounts of data on you. It keeps track of which websites you visited before, which pages you like, which friends you have, etc. The moment you surf to ‘www.facebook.com’, the backend will use its algorithms to search through the data in the database and assemble your personal feed. Unsurprisingly, the backend is extremely important in Facebook’s case.

Common programming languages that are used in the backend include Java, JavaScript, Python, C# (pronounced as “Cee-Sharp”) and TypeScript.

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