ICO Analysis: InfraCoins

Shebin John
Jul 16, 2018 · 5 min read
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Today we are going to look at a new ICO called InfraCoins.

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Need for Blockchain

Utility or Security

This is security as the token is to raise funds and to be used as payment itself.

Also, as seen aside, they accept this fact as well, that this is a security rather than a utility.


Team & their experiences

Now coming to the team, as soon as I check the team, the first person, Jagdish Suvarna, his short bio itself have a typo. On further search, there was not much detail about him except the Linkedin Profile.

So, I started digging up his experience and found out that the experience mentioned above does have a website, and in that, he is listed as an employee.

But the funny part is shown below:

The domain infracoin was registered in May 2018 while the company he has been working for around 7+ years have registered its domain one month after that. And it only has pictures of three people; one is Jagdish itself, another is a familiar advisor to both Aspen as well as Infracoin.

A new domain being used by an eight-year-old company raises my suspicion.


Except one among these, all the other advisors have experience in the Crypto Field previously according to the info from ICOBench.

Funds Target, timeline & phases

They have a soft cap of 3M which according to me is a huge amount to ask with this project as well as with just a template as an alpha MVP.

And the hard cap is around ten times the soft cap, which shows weak knowledge in either business planning or financial analysis for the business.

The sale is divided into various phases as shown and it bound to happen for a few months till October 2018.

They require KYC and as per their whitepaper, does accept crypto as well as USD.

Funds Usage, Token Distribution & Valuation

A total of a 50Million token is present of which around 50% is vaguely defined as world dominance.

And according to their initial price of $0.7, they are valuing their company at around 35Million, which for a company with these weak pillars is a lousy investment for investors.

Social Media Activity & Engagement

They have shallow social media footprint like just 20+ members in Telegram

Similarly have a low amount of followers for the project on Facebook as well.

They have their alpha “MVP” or template public in Github

Smart Contract


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