Remembering Kid N Play

Podcast Transcript

Gail Nobles

with Dancin’ feet on the groove line,

And tonight’s topic is

Kid N Play.

Kid n play is a very known hip hop group from New York City.

They were very popular in the 80’s and 90's.

Kid’s name is Christopher Reid,

and Play’s name is Christopher Martin.

And I can’t forget about Mark Eastmond

The DJ Wiz.

My shout out is for the group

It’s K-i-d


It’s Kid and Play


It’s K-i-d


It;s kid and Play

Hello UK

I remember those cool scratch sounds

from DJ Wiz.

To me, Kid represents the head

and someone at the very top

showing us his dance moves.

And play, he represents success

and someone that enjoys his labor

showing us his dance moves.

Together they are one

showing us that if we want to dance,

we can no matter how old we are;

no matter what color we are.

We should always be positive

and stay alive.

I’m Gail Nobles

with peace and love

talking about Kid N Play.