TAKE ME TO THE RIVER out nationwide in select theaters

Photo credit: YouTube/Take Me to the River

Take Me to the River is an award winning documentary. It’s out nationwide in select theaters. If you love documentaries, you may love this one. If you love Memphis music, it is a must see documentary. It sounds and looks pretty interesting to see hip hop artists like Snoop Dogg a part of it. I think it’s pretty cool. Hearing him and other rap artists gives the Memphis soul music a special touch, and it helps to introduce that soul music to a new generation. The music also adds a special touch to rap. It makes it soulful and meaningful and shows listeners that rap can be worth listening to in a special way. The documentary appears to be about your generation and mine coming together in music.

I thought soulful music was no more. I thought the soulful music had drowned. I see some help coming to river shore. Hold on! It’s coming! Again, I’m hearing that soulful sound.


Were Gonna Get That Memphis Thing Back Where It’s Supposed To Be!