Textile Update | August 2018

Bugs, Releases, Invites, and a wrap on Textile Build

Carson Farmer
Aug 21, 2018 · 3 min read

While August is a month of vacation for many, we’ve been using the time to get Textile Photos ready for more users. The app is now running live for a bunch of users, empowering end-to-end encrypted photo sharing for them and their friends (or in at least one case, their co-workers). We wanted to give you a quick update of what we’ve changed recently and highlight some of the cool new features we’ve added. For those of you who have already signed up for our wait list, you’ll be very happy to hear that we’ve sent out another big batch of referral codes, so keep an eye out in your inbox for our email update.

In the mean time, here’s a quick GIF to get you excited, and a list of things and features we’ve been working on to get you informed:

App Updates

  • We’ve disabled all the permissions we used to ask for during app ‘onboarding’. But you’ll still probably want to grant permission to your camera roll or camera to add photo to the app 📸!
  • We’ve disabled auto-sync of your camera roll to Textile Photos. We’ll add it back as an opt-in feature soon. For now, only photos you select in the app will be added to your Wallet
  • Lots of testing and improvements to the way photo sharing works and how large groups of people can all join the same encrypted Textile Thread
  • Encrypted, decentralized, out-of-app Textile Thread invites now allow you to invite people to your Textile Threads over text message, Slack, or any other tool you use (this is a really powerful feature, which we’ll write about more soon!)

Tech Updates

What’s Next?

  • Photo Reactions to start showcasing how chats, messages, and reactions will be sent over Textile
  • Textile Wallet Recovery so that you can recover all the photos, contacts, and Threads you create with Textile Photos through your private mnemonic phrase

Other News

Give it a Try!

Thanks! Looking forward to hearing your feedback.


Building new digital experiences by focusing on user…


Building new digital experiences by focusing on user privacy, openness, and decentralization.

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Building new digital experiences by focusing on user privacy, openness, and decentralization.