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Why bots aren’t the real AI disruption

The quiet rise of headless AI

Bots are the new command line

Today, most bots just provide a wrapper around existing functionality. Much as in the early days of graphical user interface (GUI), the point-and-click interface provided different ways of achieving the same tasks you could do on the command line, most bots provide an additional channel with which to do tasks you likely often do another way.

Yes, Taco Bell really did this.

The rise of headless AI

But I’m not down on bots. I’m just a lot more excited by the less-flashy flavor of AI that is changing the nature of work itself: headless AI.

It’s happening! (already)

Though bots get all the glamour, headless AI is quietly happening everywhere already. These new platforms are generally purpose-built solutions optimized around specific domains and outcomes data. They learn not from people talking to them, but by voraciously chomping up all of the relevant proprietary data fed into them. The best systems employ learning loops and massive streams of incoming data to constantly improve.

Textio’s augmented writing platform

Headless AI is where the money is

I’m not sure if there’s a revenue model that works for bots. I guess we will see. People are trying to figure that out. I’m thankful I don’t have to!

Headless AI everywhere

In the near future, every core business function will have been transformed by AI—hiring, sales, security, marketing, finance, manufacturing… everything. Purpose-built headless AI platforms will provide the new infrastructure which will drive every business.



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