Don’t think hiring language changes? Watch the effect of the bitcoin craze in this chart

Want a Bitcoin job? You’ll have to wait till the price goes up.

Marissa Coughlin
May 17, 2018 · 2 min read

How quickly does the job market respond and adapt to the economic market? By looking at language patterns in job posts over the past year, we can see how fast and fickle the job market is when it comes to hot technologies.

Tales of digital fortunes won and lost have dominated the press over the last few months. It’s not just the technorati getting in on the trend: from hairdressers to housekeepers, everyone wants a part of bitcoin’s riches.

Even if Bitcoin isn’t the next big thing, there is still massive interest in other cryptocurrencies- Ethereum, and the many recent ICOs-and in the underlying technology, blockchain.

Despite all this interest, bitcoin crashed earlier this year, and has slowly been making its way back up.

We wanted to see how Bitcoin (and related-fields*) jobs were faring in this boom/bust time. As the chart below illustrates, Textio found that Crypto jobs rise and fall with bitcoin currency price. However, since the crash, interest in blockchain jobs has fallen harder and stayed down for longer than bitcoin itself. So if you’re looking for cryptocurrency jobs, watch the price of Bitcoin and make your move.

*Based on public job posts containing bitcoin-related phrases: bitcoin, altcoin, cryptocurrency, crypto, cryptographic hash, decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), decentralized currency, distributed ledger, Ethereum, fiat currency, genesis block, hash rate, hierarchical deterministic wallet, initial coin offering (ICO), merkle tree, multi-sig, practical byzantine fault tolerance, proof of stake, Satoshi and/or Nakomoto, zero knowledge succient noninteractive arguments of knowledge (ZK SNARKS), dApps, Native Token, Native coin, Blockchain, Cryptojacking - posted between May 2017- March 2018.

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