How Textografo Can Help Entrepreneurs to Design their Processes

As an entrepreneur leading a startup, I’m quite busy and don’t have so much time to design my processes. That’s say, sometime you really need to step back and think how a specific process should look like. Are you for example able to describe you touch points with your customers? Do you send them too much emails or not? And so on.

This is where a visual representation makes perfect sense. So let’s go to the point. Designing a process, writing it down using whatever diagramming tool takes time. And this is why you probably skip it. What if you could do it quickly, share it, change it fast and so on?

This is where (our web application) can hopefully help by providing a very fast way (faster than with traditional tool) to create a flowchart as you just need to type some text in the left pane of the application and the diagram is generated automatically for you. You will save more than 50% of time, get it done quickly and nicely. Below a quick example of how it looks like actually focusing on our own email process.

Designing a process flowchart with textografo

Ok this one is not very complex but I change it quite a lot. And being able to do it, just by modifying the text in the Text Editor saved me for sure quite a lot of time.

Hope that it can help and happy to get your feedback about it.