TezIndia v. Harappa | Announcing a month-long Tezos Hackathon (Applications Open!)

Mar 1, 2020 · 4 min read

One of the goals of Tezos India Foundation in 2020 is to enable more developer activities across different categories. Since September 2019, when we organized our first Tezos developer workshop and meetup, the Tezos community in India has only been increasing.

In order to support the developer community to build on Tezos and incentivize them while doing so, we came up with an interesting idea:

India’s first Tezos hackathon!

We are organizing a month-long hackathon where you and your team can Learn, Brainstorm and Build. There will be multiple tracks and prizes to reward your efforts for building.

This online hackathon is organized together with Devfolio and the total amount of prizes is worth more than $6000.

Developer Resources and Channels

The Tezos and Tezos Developers site:

Are you new to Tezos and want to know more about how to activate, store, and bake. Please visit: tezos.com/get-started/

For exploring all developers resources: developers.tezos.com

Tezos Wikipedia:

Want to have an In-Depth overview of what Tezos is, visit learn.tqtezos.com

Tezos Stack Exchange:

To find answers to all your questions: tezos.stackexchange.com/

Want to Start Developing?

Tune in with SmartPy.io which gives you a simpler way to code Smart Contracts in Python. It helps in developing and Deploying your Smart Contract right from your browser.

Learning resources for SmartPy :

Medium: https://medium.com/@SmartPy_io

Video intro from Solomon: https://youtu.be/SGOrFKfVtvY

Intro article by Luiz: https://medium.com/better-programming/how-to-write-smart-contracts-for-blockchain-using

Checkout tech stack of Cryptonomic for Block explorers, Wallet frameworks, Libraries, etc.

Dev Support :

For any Queries Ask the Best People: https://t.me/SmartPy_io

Join Tezos India Developers Channel for instant help

Try out LIGO :

A friendly smart-contract language for Tezos https://ligolang.org/

Wondering about wallets?

Beacon allows you to seamlessly connect your Tezos wallet with an application and interact with it. Requests from the dApp can be signed on a mobile, desktop, hardware wallet or browser extension. Check Out: https://medium.com/airgap-it/beacon-connect-tezos-wallets-with-dapps-2edb0fa3ee4a

Checkout Tezori, an open-source wallet framework for Tezos, supporting both software and hardware wallets in eight languages on Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Tezos Block Explorers:

Wondering about exploring your deployed smart contract? Better Call Dev displays Tezos smart contract operations, scripts, and states in an easy-to-understand form.

Want to get status of Tezos Blockchain, Here you can explore Blocks, Operations, accounts elections and cycles https://tzstats.com/

Have Ideas? Pitch In :

If you are a developer and interested in exploring your ideas: Join Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/OgRLkReHvt8xxBAgIcY0xg

Our Twitter Bash

Want to be tuned with Tezos India events/meet-ups and training. Do follow us on twitter: twitter.com/indiatezos

We will also announce a separate Discord channel for a 24/7 development-related support to guide you through proper resources and tools. Stay tuned!

TezIndia Bounty Tracks :

Yes we have grants for every awesome product you BUILD

DeFi | upto $500

Defy the CeFi (Centralized Finance). Build for the Decentralized Finance, Your own use case. Make it Big!

NFT | upto $500

Build an application that uses NFTs as collectibles. It could be a game, a crypto-heist! You always have an option to explore your creativity and build something unique.

Payments | upto $500

Develop a way of using Tez as money. It could also involve buildings tools around Tezos for Payments / Micropayments.

Web Integration| upto $500

Build tools and hooks to integrate tezos with web seamlessly with a pinch of great UX.

Core R&D | upto $1000+

Research more about the Tezos ecosystem and come up with innovation in the improvement proposals. Explore Tezos Agora: https://www.tezosagora.org/

Bring more Speed to Tezos | upto $500+

Tezos is Fast. How about making it Furious! Trigger the accelerator and bring more power to Tezos. Build Layers, Scale it how you like it!

Self Sovereign Identity | upto $500+

Build a self-sovereign identity deployed on the Tezos protocol. It can include wallet management, identity verification with recovery methods.

Open Track | upto $500+

Explore more Ideas apart from these mentioned above, this track enables you to show off your innovation for something new!

Special bounties from Cryptonomic :

Best overall use of the Cryptonomic Stack (1 x $400, 1 x $300, 1 x $200)

  • Must use at least two of Nautilus Cloud, Conseil and ConseilJS
  • Extra points for using Galleon, Arronax, and Mininax during the development process.

Best Tezos Visualizations or Dashboards (2 X $200)

  • Must use ConseilJS by Cryptonomic.
  • Visualizations or Dashboard must provide utility to users, bakers or developers
  • Must be deployed and publicly available on the Web
  • Must provide different functionality than what’s already available in Arronax.
  • Some inspirations include the Eth Gas Station, EthStats and AmberData.

Best Token Application (1 X $200)

  • Use any part of the Cryptonomic stack to demonstrate the usefulness of tokens on Tezos.
  • Use Galleon for contract interactions, use ConseilJS features to deploy and interact with tokens, use Conseil to get a fast index of the token data.
  • The use-case can apply to anything and does not need to be purely financial.

Sit tight, we will be announcing some more exciting opportunities such as incubation support to attending Global Tezos Summit in NYC.

Let’s Hack!

Tezos has always been a project where #Buidling is encouraged and in many cases incentivized. Get your Tezos groove going and show us what you can build. Buckle Up!

Now you have got all the required information. We believe this should excite you to get all the creativity, talent and hustle ready to #BUILD some amazing projects.

May the Force Be with You! 🚀

Tezos India Foundation

The Tezos India Foundation assists individuals and entities…

Tezos India Foundation

The Tezos India Foundation assists individuals and entities to use the Tezos blockchain. Our goal is to grow the community and advance Tezos in India through education, meetups and partnerships.


Written by


CPO & Cofounder @ Tezsure & Director @ Tezos India Foundation

Tezos India Foundation

The Tezos India Foundation assists individuals and entities to use the Tezos blockchain. Our goal is to grow the community and advance Tezos in India through education, meetups and partnerships.

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