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Tezos India Monthly Update: Feb 2023

Tezos India had an exciting month with multiple events and activities to promote blockchain adoption and showcase the potential of web3 technology. Here are the highlights of the past month:

India Art Fair’ 23

Computational art is a rapidly growing field that combines art and technology to create interactive and dynamic pieces that respond to various inputs. The Tezos blockchain provides a secure and transparent platform for artists to create and sell their digital artworks, while smart contracts enable them to establish ownership and control over their creations.

We attended the India Art Fair, which took place in New Delhi. In our installation, we showcased the potential of computational art on the Tezos blockchain and how blockchain tech can be used to own these unique and valuable digital artworks.

The India Art Fair was a great opportunity for the studio to showcase the potential of Tezos in the art world and connect with artists and collectors who are interested in exploring this exciting new field.

Workshops on Tezos Blockchain

One of the main focuses for Tezos India is to educate people about the potential of smart contracts and how they can be used to create innovative solutions in various industries. This month, we conducted several education sessions on smart contracts for developers and enthusiasts.

The sessions covered the basics of smart contracts, their use cases, and how to develop them on the Tezos blockchain. Participants were also introduced to the Tezos ecosystem and its unique features, such as on-chain governance and formal verification.

The education sessions were well-received, with many participants expressing their interest in learning more about Tezos and exploring its potential for their projects.

Integration with Wallet Chat

We’re also thrilled to announce the successful integration of the Tezos blockchain with Wallet Chat.

Through this integration:
1. Every Tezos user can now communicate natively from their wallet
2. All dApps can integrate the Wallet Chat widget to supercharge their community engagement ( it can be shown with a small chat icon on the bottom right of the platform which is expanded when clicked like LinkedIn chat)

Looking Ahead

In the coming months, we will continue to organize education sessions, attend events and conferences, and collaborate with developers and builders to create innovative solutions on the Tezos blockchain.

Stay tuned for more updates on Tezos India and its exciting developments in the world of blockchain technology!



The Tezos India assists individuals and entities to use the Tezos blockchain. Our goal is to grow the community and advance Tezos in India through education, meetups and partnerships.

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