Five Tezos Ecosystem Partnerships from 2021

Benny Attar
Tezos Israel
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4 min readDec 9, 2021

Reviewing and highlighting notable Tezos ecosystem partnerships

A few weeks ago, I was speaking to a friend of mine about the current state of Web3 (which is not a rare occurrence). Naturally, the topic of the Tezos ecosystem came up. He mentioned how Tezos is a powerful blockchain, but the ecosystem is lacking partnerships and adoption. I quickly refuted this by telling him about some of the recent entries into the ecosystem. After discussing for a while longer, he ultimately agreed that Tezos is indeed flourishing, but the fact that he wasn’t aware of the recent advancements is a note in itself.

The Tezos Foundation writes a bi-annual report on the new updates in the Tezos ecosystem. While the report is nicely laid out and understandable, it is a dense 59 page report. So, I have created a brief overview of the major Tezos partnerships seen in the last year. The following list is by no means exhaustive, rather it is just a quick entry point for someone who is interested in learning more about the Tezos ecosystem.

Red Bull Racing:

Earlier this year Red Bull Racing selected Tezos as it’s official blockchain partner. Following the announcement, Red Bull Racing launched digital collectibles (NFT’s) on Tezos. Christian Horber, the CEO of Red Bull Racing said “Tezos’ ability to remain at the cutting edge of blockchain technology makes it a natural fit for Red Bull Racing Honda… in Tezos we strongly believe we’ve picked a winner that will help us give our fans a new, unique and innovative way to connect with the Team.” Additionally, the Tezos logo is now proudly displayed on the Red Bull Racing cars.

You can find the Red Bull Racing x Tezos NFT’s here.

Red Bull x Tezos

McLaren Racing

Staying on the racing theme, shortly after Red Bull Racing announced the partnership with Tezos, McLaren Racing also joined Tezos. McLaren has created a fan experience on Tezos for users to create their own digital car using NFT’s. The NFTs are being sold on the NFT platform, Whoever finishes their NFT car first wins an all-expenses paid trip to the Grand Prix in 2022. The launch has gone extremely well, as most pieces are sold out.

McLaren x Tezos


One of my favorite partnerships so far is with Ubisoft. Ubisoft announced it will become a “corporate baker” for the Tezos blockchain. Baking is the act of verifying new blocks on Tezos,like mining on the Bitcoin network. In fact, just yesterday Ubisoft announced Ubisoft Quartz — in-game NFT’s built on Tezos called Digits! These NFTs will be built into the Tom Clancy Ghost Recon Breakpoint game as in-game accessories with a unique serial number. These collectables can also be sold on the Ubisoft NFT marketplace with a record of previous owners. This opens a world of possibilities for future collaboration. Ubisoft chose Tezos for its eco-friendly approach to NFT minting. Ubisoft’s blockchain director, Didier Genevois, said the following about the future of blockchain and gaming:

“This new approach can even, on a longer term, open up new opportunities such as interoperability between games. […] We see blockchain as a means of placing back into the hands of players and creators the value they generate through their engagement with their games.”

Blockchain and gaming are a perfect match and we applaud Ubisoft for picking the premier blockchain to build on!

University of Cambridge

University of Cambridge announced recently that it would be building a carbon credit marketplace on Tezos. Carbon credits are basically tradable certificates for carbon emissions. Given Tezos’ eco-friendly benefits, Tezos is the perfect blockchain for Cambridge’s global reforestation efforts. By partnering with a global elite university, Tezos has cemented its place on academia’s radar.

Cambridge University

OneOf Artists

OneOf is a green-NFT platform built on Tezos that has secured a plethora of deals OneOf has reached many large artists with the goal of connecting these artists with their fans. Quincy Jones, Whitney Houston, Doja Cat, John Legend, The Game, Charlie Puth, Chief Keef, Jacob Collier, G-Eazy, Alesso, and other stars have already prepared or launched NFT collections on the platform. The Grammy’s and Pitbull are also two recent notable announcements that are coming onto OneOf.


Ultimately, the Tezos ecosystem is growing incredibly well and strong. We at Tezos Israel are extremely excited to be a part of this wonderful community. The Tezos ecosystem isn’t just alive, but it’s thriving!