Around the Tezos NFT Ecosystem — Mike Tyka, Hic et Nunc, Clean NFTs, and InterPop

We had a surge in Tezos NFT activity this week, starting with an NFT drop from groundbreaking artist Mike Tyka on the Hic et Nunc Tezos NFT marketplace. Tyka, the creator of some of the earliest deep neural net artworks, which leverage AI technology to produce pieces of digital art, opted to use Tezos to mint his Portraits of Imaginary People collection as NFTs. The collection has been shown internationally at ARS Electronica in Linz and Christie’s in New York.

Tyka chose to use Tezos in response to art community backlash over the amount of energy consumed by minting NFTs on Ethereum. As Tyka wrote, he sees NFTs on less energy-intensive networks like Tezos as “the only practical and ethical future of NFTs.” In fact, while minting three NFTs on Ethereum produces 915 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions, the weight of a polar bear, on Tezos it only produces 0.00054 pounds of emissions.

With the conversation around NFTs continuing to expand into mainstream outlets, reporters are looking for the expert opinion that members of the Tezos ecosystem have to offer. Kathleen Breitman, an early architect of Tezos, recently spoke with the Wall Street Journal for their piece on NFTs.

Elsewhere in the ecosystem, InterPop, a gaming and collectibles superteam redefining the future of fandom, launched. InterPop exists at the cutting edge of the gaming and collectibles NFT ecosystem to create new opportunities for collectors and gamers alike. Led by comic book veteran Brian David-Marshall, InterPop is expanding the Emergents TCG universe by creating a community-led original comic series set in the Emergents universe that empowers readers to help shape the narrative. You can check out InterPop’s introductory blog post here. Follow TQuorum to sign up for an event with the InterPop team.



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