LIGO becomes Polyglot

Gabriel Alfour
Apr 30 · 1 min read
New logo for LIGO

LIGO is a simple smart contract language designed for developing larger contracts than one would naturally write in Michelson.

The LIGO development team is proud to announce that the LIGO compiler is now equipped with a generic front-end that accepts any parser exposing an interface specified in the code. In practice, this means we can easily integrate alternative syntaxes for the language. The syntaxes that are currently supported are Pascaligo (a Pascal-like syntax) and Cameligo (an OCaml-like syntax).

Pascaligo Sample
Cameligo Sample

This is the visible part of the work that is currently being done on LIGO, but at the same time, we are working on:

  • Better Continuous Integration (CI). Currently, LIGO isn’t fit for public consumption as it’s still prototyping major features. However, we are now adding development releases, detailing which features will stay. Developers will then be able to acquaint themselves with the language and integrate LIGO within their toolchains.
  • Strengthening various parts of the code base: generic parsing, stronger type system, optimized backend, documentation, more thorough testing, etc.

Stay tuned!


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