Jev Björsell
Sep 23 · 3 min read
A toolkit for building things on the Tezos blockchain

taquito noun
ta·qui·to [ tah-KEE-toh ]
plural, taquitos

  1. a Mexican dish consisting of a small tortilla that is rolled around a filling of meat and cheese and then deep-fried; related: flauta
  2. a Tezos TypeScript library suite made available as a set of npm packages aiming to make building on top of Tezos easier and more enjoyable.

We want to introduce a new project for the Tezos Ecosystem; Taquito (Beta). Taquito is a TypeScript library suite that can be used to build dApps or traditional web applications on top of the Tezos blockchain.

Try Taquito now!

By using Taquito in your project, you will get:

  • Easy to use smart-contract abstractions, allowing you to call a Smart Contract’s methods using native JavaScript/Typescript methods
  • Promises/Callbacks for various events, such as operation confirmations
  • Pre-built react components for everyday use cases, which you can use directly or use as inspiration.
  • A signer API with some ready to use back-end signers (currently in-memory and TezBridge!)
  • A dedicated team who will develop and support this library for the years to come

Developers can build web-apps or dApps, backend services (using node), browser extensions or mobile apps using Taquito. If you’re planning on building a wallet, chain explorer mobile app or something we can’t yet imagine, Taquito might be a good fit for you.

Try it now

To get started, use our templated starter project or follow the quick start guide, and check out our website

For questions, you can use the Tezos StackExchange or Tezos Agora’s Discourse server. Log feature requests or bugs on our GitHub Issue tracker.

We thrive on critical feedback; please let us know what you find tricky when developing with Taquito.

Delicious Taquitos, a cousin of the Taco (Tezo’s spirit food)

Thank Yous & Acknowledgements

We would not have been able to undertake this work without the help & support from the LIGO team, specifically Gabriel Alfour, and Jacob Arluck from the Tocqueville Group. The LIGO team funded the initial development of Taquito, for which we are incredibly grateful.

We would also like to thank several individuals for early feedback and requirements; G. Nicholas D’Andrea and Cruz Molina from Truffle, Eowyn Dean, Sarah Fowler, Igor Tkach, Michael Klein, and Andrew Smith. Early-stage critical feedback is incredibly useful, and we thank you for your help.

We would also like to thank the maintainers of all the other libraries in the ecosystem. A rich and diverse offering is beneficial for adoption and growth, and we are always grateful to be peers among so many fantastic individuals, teams and projects.

Community and Taquito

This project belongs to the community, and we will act as stewards and maintainers. We invite you to try it out! Ask questions using the Tezos StackExchange site using the “taquito” tag, or log bugs or feature requests on our GitHub Issue tracker. We welcome contributions to documentation or code. This project is open-source, and it is developed openly.

We are offering a limited number of one hour-long pair programming sessions to get projects started. These sessions help us continually gauge if we are succeeding in providing an empathetic and enjoyable developer experience. Reach out to @jevonearth to enquire about a spot.

Follow @TezosTaquito on Twitter for notifications of new releases and features.

Tezos Commons

Updates and insights from the global Tezos community

Jev Björsell

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Founder of ECAD Labs Inc. Likes salty things, the back-end of computer systems. Interested in building things on/with Tezos

Tezos Commons

Updates and insights from the global Tezos community

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